A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, i'm happy to upload my very first game ! 

You are a lumberjack unlucky... Each day, during one week, there will be trees growing up ahead of your house ! You have to reach the opposite corner of the map, in a limited time, and without have your pain bar full ! There are brown trees that doesn't hurt you that much, green trees that hurt you a bit more, and big trees that hurt you a lot. 

If you fail or win a level, press space to restart/continue.

This game was developed with Lua, and the framework Love2d. The design is by Shexat, and the development by ufo97.

Note : You might have issues if you use a pad instead a mouse !


Install instructions

Thanks for downloading The Happy Lumerjack ! On windows, extract files then double click on happyLumberjack.exe.


happyLumberjack.zip 3 MB